Something we have learned in our 70 years of experience is that:

"every woman is differenti and her house is what tells you so"

Since 1928 we have been interpreting every womans dreams: dreams where they move through houses that are comfortable, warm, simple and elegant, made for welcoming whit love the people whom they love. Each one has a character and a personali to express: every room, every bedroom, and every object portrays their heart in the language of colours, feelings, and details.That's why we give every woman the chance to choose, among infinite possibilities, the linens, bedspreads, table settings, and nightwear which let them express theirfeelings, their taste, and their love.

"In 70 years we've changed a lot but basically we're still artisans"

Although our businesses have grown in size and importance, our iove for small things has stayed intact, especially where details are concerned. Basically, we are still artisans, heirs to the great tradition of Tuscan arts and crafts.

All our work expresses just one feeling:

"love for the home"

Our creations adorn and beautify beds, tables and you yourself. They wann your nights, and wake you with a smile. They speak the language of yourfeelings, your emotions. And they tell the story of a great love, which has inspired our workfor 70 years now: lovefor the home.

"We dont compromise on quality "

Quality which starts with the choice of thefinest materials: linen, silk, pure cotton. Which continues with the work of the most skilled artisans, heirs to the great Tuscan tradition of the art of embroidery and the fine workmanship of the most exquisite textiles. Which culminates in the splendid prints, fabulous designa and marvelous decorations which enhance our creations.